Top 10 most reliable computer companies

Posted on Sep 9 2012 - 3:06pm by Manzar Chaudhury

According to a survey conducted by a website tech giant Apple is the most reliable computer manufacturer. 

Because of the long life and durability, Apple’s elegantly crafted products are the most popular among users. The American multinational corporation tops the list manufacturing the most fashionable MacBook series. Hewlett-Packard or simply HP is the second leading PC manufacture in the world. A huge number of users across the world like using HP desktop and laptop.

Top 10 computer brands:

  1. Apple
  2. HP
  3. Lenovo
  4. Dell
  5. Toshiba
  6. ASUS
  7. Sony
  8. Acer
  9. Samsung
  10. Compaq