NASA satellite hits over the Pacific Ocean

Posted on Sep 25 2011 - 11:32am by Manzar Chaudhury

Early on Saturday morning, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s dead 6-tonne satellite fell somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

The United States Air Force’s Joint Space Operations Centre and NASA confirm that the huge satellite entered the Earth’s atmosphere somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

Although none of the two government agencies say the exact time and location, according to them it fell sometime between 1.23 a.m. (GMT) and 5.09 a.m. (GMT).

“The precise re-entry time and location are not yet known with certainty,” NASA said of the 20-year-old spacecraft.

Some 26 pieces of this 35-foot satellite representing 1,200 pounds of weighty metal were expected to rain down someplace. The largest surviving chunk should be no more than 300 pounds, said Air Force officials.

People related to the matter said, The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite was the largest NASA spacecraft to crash back to Earth.