Diffbot launches free APIs for developers

Posted on Aug 25 2011 - 9:49pm by Manzar Chaudhury

Diffbot, an interesting technology the performance of which is compared with human being, processes the content on the Web using bots, algorithms, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Co-founder Mike Tung explains, “The entire Internet can be broken down into 30 different page types” and “Diffbot can identify them all.” Its awesome performance can differentiate between a social network profile, a blog post, a site’s front page, a product page, an event page and many more.

Today, Diffbot is launching a set of APIs for very first time with the potentiality to influence the types applications can build the developers. It is free for all. That means a whole host intelligent applications are ready to serve.

The initial two APIs are On-Demand API and Follow API. Developers can tailor apps that will extract meaning by design.

Moreover, they will be able to know what’s trending and who is talking about it. It will help to have RSS feeds that will read immediately the related parts of webpages aloud, ignoring ads, header and footer copy.

Though the company doesn’t have a set road map related people hope the future API’s which are coming within a few months will enable developers to turn event pages into calendar pages mechanically, social network profiles into vCards and so on.